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2016 General Budget Information

For general information relating to the 2016 annual budget please refer to the Final Tax Bill Insert.

2017 Municipal Budget

2016-2017 Expenditure Comparison

2016-2017 Revenue Comparison

2016-2017 Weighted Assessment Comparison

Budget Bylaw

Deepartmental Capital Budget

Departmental Operational Budget

Municipal Tax Rate Calculations

Newburgh Waste Tax Rates

Schedule A Bylaw General Levy

Schedule A Bylaw Newburgh Tax Rate

Tax Rates

2016 Municipal Budget

The following files have been developed to provide for the adoption of the 2016 municipal budget.  These are draft documents only and which are being considered by Council.

Operational Revenue Summary

Operational Expenditure Summary

General Government Revenue and Expenditure Summary

Village Of Newburgh Waste Rates

Capital Revenues and Expenditures

2015-2016 Assessment Comparison

Municipal Tax Rate Calculation

Budget Bylaw

Schedule A Tax Rates

2013 Asset Management Plan

The development of an asset management plan has been identified as a pre-requisite for the receipt of funding from the Province Of Ontairo under the Municipal Infrastructure Investment Initiative (MIII) and as such, represents an important first step in obtaining financing for necessary infrastructure investments.  However, regardless of this initiative, planning for capital reinvestment is essential givent that the Township is approaching the end-of-useful-life for significant components of the infrastructure.

Click on this link to view the 2016 updated Stone Mills Asset Mangement Plan.

Financial Statements

2016 Consolidated Statements

2015 Consolidated Statements

2013 Consolidated Statements

2012 Consolidated Statements

2011 Consolidated Statements

2010 Consolidated Statements

2009 Consolidated Statements

2008 Consolidated Statements

Municipal Performance Measures

To view the Municipal Management Performance Results, please click on the following links for the respective years.

2013 Municipal Performance Measurement Program

2012 Municipal Performance Measurement Program

2011 Municipal Performance Measurement Program

2010 Municipal Performance Measurement Program

2009 Municipal Performance Measurement Program

Public Service Salary Disclosure

In accordance with the Public Sector Disclosure Act, 2006, the salaries of all public servants must be disclosed when the salary for an employee exceeds $100,000 per year.

Click on this link to view the 2016 Stone Mills Employee Salary Disclosure.

Convention Expense Reporting

In accordance with the Personnell Policy of 1998 as amended, Members of Council, Committees and Staff are eligible for reimbursement of expenses while attending at approved conferences or training seminars.  To ensure continuity in the reporting process, a standardized form has been adopted upon which eligible expenses are to be recorded and submitted to the Township.

Convention Expense Record

Sale of Real Property

The sale of public lands by the Township is regulated by Bylaw.  To view the process required for the sale of real property plesae click on the following link.

By-law 2009-511


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