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Local Council

Elections are held for a new Governing Council every fourth year as required by the Municipal Act.  The local Council is comprised of a Reeve, Deputy Reeve and 5 Members, all elected at large.

The business of the Township is conducted at regularly scheduled meetings of Council which occur on the first and third Monday of each month commencing at 6:30 p.m.  In the event that a statutory holiday coincides with a meeting of Council, the meeting will occur on the Tuesday immediately following the scheduled meeting date.  Unless otherwise provided, all regular meetings are held in the Council Chambers at the Administrative Offices as 4504 County Road 4, Centreville, Ontario.

The Civic Web Portal is a modern system of recording and publishing the business of Council.  The documents which Council are considering at any given public meeting are also availabe to the general public by accessing the Civic Web Portal.  This system provides greater accessibility and transparency of the business of Council.  To access, please click on the link that follows.

Other Web Pages Of Relevance To Council

Members of Council

Council Meetings

Civic Web Portal

Council Elections


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