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An application may be submitted for a minor variance to:

  1. Provide relief from a requirement of a municipal bylaw;
  2. Extend or enlarge a non-conforming use;
  3. Change the existing non-conforming use to a similar or more compatible use; and
  4. To provide for a bylaw interpretation.

These applications are authorized pursuant to Section 45 of the Planning Act.  Most common of these is an application to provide relief for a new or enlarged building or structure when the regulatory controls of the zoning bylaw cannot be met.

Decisions respecting an application made pursuant to Section 45 are not precedent setting as each decision is made upon the  merits and the circumstances relating to each parcel of land and the development that is proposed thereon.

All applications are considered by the Committee of Adjustment.  Decisions of the Committee of Adjustment relating to these applications, may be found on the Committee of Adjustment page of this website.


Regardless of the purpose, an application form must be completed and submitted to Stone Mills together with the required fee and deposit.

Planning Act Section 45 Application Form

Application Fee           $800

Application Deposit     $500



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