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An application for a plan of subdivision is typically submitted at those times when multiple building lots are being proposed upon a singular parcel of land.  Section 7 of the Official Plan contains numerous polcies relating to Development and Section 7.3 identifies policies specific to Plans of Subdivision.  However, any person proposing a plan of subdivision in Stone Mills is encouraged to familiarize yourself with the entire official plan as numerous policies through-out the plan could have an impact upon your particular proposal.


At this time, all proposals for plans of subdivision within the Township of Stone Mills must be submitted to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing at their field office in Kingston Ontario.  Applicants are required to complete the requisite Ministry application form and submit this application directly to the Ministry who upon receipt will assign a file to the application and upon processing, forward copy of the application to Stone Mills.  Aside from such fees required by the Ministry, the following fees and deposits must also be submitted to Stone Mills to cover those costs incurred by Stone Mills in the review of the application.

Additional information including the the Ministry application form and the Ministry fees may be found at the Ministry of Municipal Affairs Website.

Subdivision Application Form

Stone Mills Application Fee           $2000

Stone Mills Application Deposit     $500

Active Plans Of Subdivision

Bennett Plan of Subdivision

  • Applicant - Peter Bennett
  • Received April 9, 2002
  • Proposed the creation of 6 residential building lots
  • Located on the north side of County Road 1 between the Hamlets of Yarker and Camden East and south of the Napanee River
  • Draft Plan Approved on February 13, 2002 - Draft Approval
  • The Subdivision Agreement signed between Applicant and Township and outstanding conditions are pending completion.

Warner Pasture Plan Of Subdivision

  • Applicants - Reginald and Kathryn Jaynes
  • Received December 14, 2007
  • Proposed 49 residential building lots but was subsequently reduced
  • Located in the Hamlet of Yarker, west of the Colebrook Road and east of the Napanee River
  • Draft plan approved on July 19, 2011 - Draft Approval
  • Status unchanged since draft plan approval 

Additional Information

Information respecting plans of subdivision and plans of condominium is available on the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Website at:

Understanding the Subdivision & Condominium Application Process



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