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Agricultural Lands

Proponents of Green Energy projects need to be aware that the Township of Stone Mills recognizes the importance of all lands having agricultural capabilities, regardless of the designation assigned to specific lands by the Official Plan of the Township of Stone Mills.

Effective June 20, 2016, all Green Energy project proposals being submitted to the Township of Stone Mills for endorsement, shall include a report prepared by a qualified professional recognized by the Ontario Institute of Agrologist, that clearly identifies the classification of these lands in accordance with the Canada Land Inventory system.  Furthermore, Green Energy projects which include lands that have been classified as, or meet the criteria of Class 1, 2, or 3 of the Canada Land Inventory system, and which are intended to be included as part of a Green Energy project, shall not receive an endorsement by Council.

Proponents of Green Energy LRP and FIT projects are strongly encouraged to locate these projects upon lands that clearly have no or minimal agricultural capability. These requirements shall specifically not apply to Micro-FIT projects being submitted by the land owner.

Agreements Required

Proponents of Green Energy projects should be aware that the Township recognizes the importance of the move towards green energy resulting in a lesser reliance upon fossil fuels and the more conventional forms of energy production.  However, the Township further recognizes the importance of locating Green Energy projects well away from residential dwellings and other sensitive land uses.

As a result, proponents of these projects are now required to enter into an agreement with the Township.  These agreements serve two purposes.  Firstly, any siting or other concerns relating to a specific proposal would be addressed through the agreement.  Secondly, the agreement provides for the development of a Community Vibrancy Fund whereby propoents of projects would pay their fair share towards the management and services provided by the Township.  The execution of the agreement with the Township is a pre-requisite to the endorsement of a project by Council.  Specific agreement templates were developed for the Large Renewable Procurement program and the Feed In Tarriff program and these agreements can be viewed as follows:

To obtain more information respecting IESO and their programs, please refer to the following:

To understand the implications of renewable energy projects on your property taxes, please refer to the Property Tax Treatment of Renewable Energy Installations being a publication produced by the Ministry of Finance.

Current Projects

Projects currently being considered, approved or being developed include:

BluEarth Loyalist Solar Project

Queen Street Solar Co-Operative Corporation

Solar Flow Through Solar