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Hours Of Operation

Monday – Thursday  7:00 am – 5:00 pm

Fridays - Closed

Municipal 511

The Township of Stone Mills has partnered with the County of Lennox & Addington in providing up to date information on any road conditions through the County. Click the following link https://www.municipal511.ca/ to view any current works being done, including emergency road closures or emergency incidents that last longer than 2 hours. 

Fast Facts

The primary Roads Department garage and office is centrally located in Centreville next to the administrative offices, however a secondary base is also maintained in Tamworth.

There are 727.46 "lane" kilometers of Township owned roads to maintain within Stone Mills.  However, in addition to the Township roads, Stone Mills also maintain 395.2 lane kilometers of roads for the County resulting in a total of 1052.66 lane kilometer of roads.

2014 Asset Management Plan

The assets of the Public Works Department which includes the roads, equipment, buildings and other assets are included in the 2016 Asset Management Plan.  Please refer to this document for a detailed report of the assets and needs of this department.

2014 Roads Needs Study

In 2015, The Township of Stone Mills retained the services of D.M. Wills Associates Limited to undertake a review of the Township's existing road network, and assess its physical condition as well as confirm various road attributes.  Data collected as a result of the field review was used to develop a prioritized listing of the road network needs, the results of which are contained in the Roads Needs Study Report.

Roadside Signs

Roadside signs are not regulated along roads that are under the jurisdiction of the Township with the exception that signs shall not be placed that interfere with sight lines or the maintenance of Township roads.  Roadside signs are regulated along roads under the jurisdiction of the County of Lennox and Addington.  For information respecting County regulations please refer to County of Lennox and Addington Bylaw 3025-06.


If you wish to report a streetlight outage, please contact the County of Lennox and Addington and provide the location of that streetlight.  Please include the closest civic address or the number of the pole on which the streetlight is lcoated.  Street light repairs are contracted to an outside firm so please allow 2-3 weeks for this repair.

Email: Streetlights



  • Application Fee - $50.00 (Non-refundable administrative fee)
  • Performance Bond - $500.00 (Refundable deposit pending satisfactory completion of entrance)
  • Civic Addressing - $110.00 (Fee for purchase and installation of civic address sign)


  • The applicant must clearly mark the location of the proposed entrance, and must contact the Public Works Department when the proposed entrance is ready for inspection.
  • An inspection report is available to the applicant from the Public Works Department approximately 7 - 10 days following the inspection.
  • If changes are required to the entrance, the applicant must complete these changes and then contact the Public Works Department.
  • A further inspection will be done and a final inspection report will be available to the applicant.
  • The applicant MUST contact the Public Works Department to have the $500.00 performance bond refunded when all the conditions on the entrance permit have been met and the civic number has been installed.

Driveways are subject to setbacks to interior and exterior side property lines. These distances can different dependent upon the use of the property (i.e. residential or industrial). Please contact the Building Department for conformation of required distances.  To obtain an application for an Entrance Permit, please refer to the "Application Forms" page of this website.

All Terrain Vehicles (ATV's)

ATV's may be operated on any road which is owned by the Township subject to the controls found in Bylaw 2015-801 being a bylaw which regulates ATVs.  ATV's are also permitted on some roads owned by the County of Lennox and Addington. For more information respecting the operation of ATVs on County roads, please refer to the County webpage.

Off Road Vehicles on County Roads

Parking Of Motor Vehicles

In accordance with the Township of Stone Mills by-law 1998-53, the parking and leaving of motor vehicle on property of the municipality (which includes Township roads and road allowances) are prohibited from December 1 until April 15th of the following year. Any vehicles parked or left on municipal property may be subject to a $75.00 fine, plus the vehicle may be removed and impounded at the expense of the owner without notice.  To view a copy of Bylaw 2005-316, please refer to Document Centre of the Civic Web Portal.

Winter Maintenance And Snow Clearing/Removal

In accordance with Section 181 of the Highway Traffic Act, it is illegal to plow snow onto the road.  Specifically the Highway Traffic Act provides:

Deposit Of Snow On Roadway

181. No person shall deposit snow or ice on a roadway without permission in writing so to do from the Ministry or the road authority responsible for the maintenance of the road. R.S.O. 1990, c. HR., s. 181.

Damage To Mailboxes During The Clearing Of Snow

Mailboxes which are not ruggedly constructed or are not securely affixed to a post or cantilever arm may be damaged or dislodged by the direct weight and force of snow thrown from the snowplow.  By-law 2004-245 provides that the Township of Stone Mills will not be responsible for damage to mailboxes.  To view a copy of Bylaw 2004-245, please refer to Document Centre of the Civic Web Portal.

Removal Of Items Obstructing, Encumbering, Damaging The Safety Of Public Travel

By-law 2004-244 of the Township of Stone Mills provides that residents must refrain from depositing snow, ice or other debris in a manner to obstruct, interfere or endanger the safety of public travel on any municipal road or bridge.  Any person which deposits snow or debris on a municipal road can be held responsible for costs incurred by the Township for the removal of this snow or debris.  To view a copy of Bylaw 2004-244, please refer to Document Centre of the Civic Web Portal.

Half Loads

Load restrictions are in effect: (5 metric tons per axle) from March 1 to April 30 in each year.

Weed Complaints

The County of Lennox & Addington administers the Weed Control Act within the Township of Stone Mills.  However, responsibility for this Act is limited to:

  • whether the weeds in question are on the list of noxious weeds; and
  • if the weeds are a threat to agriculture.

If the weeds are noxious and are a threat to agriculture, and the complaint is from a person involved in agriculture, the complaint will be dealt with under the Act, by the County.  If the weeds are located in a residential area, park area, on un-maintained lots, and roadsides and are not a threat to agriculture, the County will not address the complaint under the Weed Control Act.  These complaints will be investigated pursuant to the lot maintenance bylaw and in accordance with roadside maintenance policies of the Township.  Roadside mowing complaints should be directed to Public Works department for the Township of Stone Mills.

Also, management information has been developed by The County of Lennox and Addington respecting weed control which the reader may find useful if this weed exists on your lands.

The following is a list of Noxious Weeds, as set out in the Weed Control Act:

Barberry, Common Berberis vulgaris L.
Buckthorn European Rhamnus cathartica L.
Carrot, wild Daucus carota L.
Colt's-foot Tussilago farfara L.
Dodder spp. Cuscuta spp.
Giant Hogweed Heracleum mantegazzianum
Goat's-beard spp. Tragopogon spp.
Hemlock, poison Conium maculatum L.
Johnson grass Sorghum halepense L. Persoon
Knapweed spp. Centaurea spp.
Milkweed spp. Asclepias spp.
Poison-ivy Rhus radicans L.
Proso millet, black seeded Panicum milaceum L. (black-seeded biotype)
Ragweed, spp. Ambrosia spp.
Rocket, yellow Barbarea spp.
Sow thistle, annual, perennial Sonchus spp.
Spurge, Cypress Euphorbia cyparissias L.
Spurge, leafy Euphorbia esula L. complex
Thistle, bull Cirsium vulgare Savi Tenore
Thistle, Canada Cirsium arvense L. Scopoli
Thistle, nodding, spp. Carduus spp.
Thistle, Russian Salsola pestifer Aven Nelson
Thistle, Scotch Onopordum acanthium L.
Vetchling, tuberous Lathyrus tuberosus L.

Please note that Dandelions, Burdock, Goldenrod and Purple Loosestrife are not considered noxious weeds under the Weed Control Act. Therefore, complaints concerning these weeds cannot be accepted.  Note also that in urban or suburban areas, Sections 3, 13, 16 and 18 do not apply to noxious weeds that are far enough away from any land used for agricultural or horticultural purposes that they do not interfere with that use.  For a listing of noxious weeds as set out in the weed control act, please visit the County website.

For additional information respecting the Weed Control Act please contact:

Jim Klaver
Supervisor, Roads & Bridges
County of Lennox & Addington
97 Thomas Street East
Napanee, ON  K7R 4B9
613-354-4883 Ext 3226



County Roads - Entrances:

Entrance permits onto a County Road are obtained from the County of Lennox & Addington, 97 Thomas St., Napanee. The contact person is Jim Klaver (613) 354-4883 ext. 3226.  The County collects the entrance permit fees and conducts the inspections.  The Township of Stone Mills issues only the civic number on county road entrances.  Copy of the County entrance permit is required by the Township of Stone Mills prior to issuance of a civic address.

A $110.00 fee will be collected by the Township of Stone Mills and a civic number will be issued and installed.

County Roads - Construction Or Paving Of Driveways

The public is reminded that any construction, paving or other alteration to driveways that is proposed for that portion of the driveway that is within the limits of any County Road allowance is subject to By-law No. 2572/95, as amended, "A By-law to Regulate the Location, Construction and Use of Entrances Onto County Roads".  The by-law requires that a permit be issued by the County to authorize the proposed works within the road allowance. It is important that the County be contacted if driveway works are proposed so that the potential impact of the County's annual capital and maintenance program activities such as ditching, resurfacing and reconstruction on various County Roads can be considered.  For further information please contact:

J. Klaver, Supervisor, Roads & Bridges
County of Lennox & Addington
97 Thomas Street East
Napanee, Ontario K7R 4B9
613.354.4883 ext. 3226