Application Forms

In most instances, standardized forms have been developed when specific business or services are being requested of the Township.  In these instances, the information requested is to ensure the necessary information is provided to allow officials for the Township to take such actions as requested by the applicant.

Fees and Deposits

Fees and/or deposits may be required for services provided to individuals.  These fees and deposits are authorized by By-Law 2012-645.  Please refer to this by-law under the applicable department for fees and deposits that may be applicable to the service or application which your submitting.

In addition to the fees payable to the Township, in certain instances, the Township also collects the fees payable to the Quinte Conservation Authority for their review and consideration of an application where there is a cross jurisdiction of responsibilities.  This agency fee is indicated in the attached schedules.

Privacy Issues Respecting Applications

Persons that are considering the submission of an application to the Township of Stone Mills pursuant to the Municipal Act, the Planning Act or such other legislation where the submission of the application requires an approval of the Council, or such other body appointed by Council, or are making a submission in response to an application; should be aware that personal and other information that:

  • has been included within the application form;
  • has been submitted in support of an application; or
  • has been submitted in response to an application;

and which has been received by an of the Township in written or digital format, or which has been received verbally and which has been recorded by an official of the Township; constitutes a record of the Township and the information contained within this record may be released to any person deemed by an official of the Township to have an interest in this record, or may be used by the Township in the support of a decision of the Township including any appeal of a decision of the Township before a Board or Tribunal including any judicial review of the application or any decision relating thereto.

This Notice has been released pursuant to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. M.56.

Application Forms

Title Description Service
MDS Report Request

Minimum Distance Separation (MDS) Guidelines Report Application

Minor Variance

Planning Act Section 45 Application.

Official Plan

This Application Reflects The Mandatory Information That Is Prescribed In The Schedules To Ontario Regulations 543/06 And 545/06 Made Under The Planning Act, RSO, 1990.

Plan of Subdivision

Application for Approval of a Plan of Subdivision or Condominium Description.

Planning - Agent Authorization

The owner of a parcel of land may appoint an agent to represent him/her in respect to most applications being submitted to the Township of Stone Mills.

Plumbing Verification

This will confirm that the plumbing system for the project has been tested and successfully passed the requirements for testing under Section 7.3.6 and 7.3.7 of the Ontario Building Code.

Pre-Consultation Request

The purpose of a pre-consultation is to obtain a land use planning opinion in respect to a specific proposal prior to the submission of the formal application and the commencement of proceedings pursuant to the Planning Act.

Prior Consents Report

It is the duty of the applicant to ensure that lands subject to a consent application qualify for the consent in accordance with the foregoing restrictions.

Public Event

Event Application Form

Business and Government
Reserve Sewage System Capacity

The undersigned being an owner or operator of a centralized waste water treatment facility approved under the Environment Protection Act