Council Meetings

Meetings are scheduled for the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month commencing at 6:30 p.m. Exceptions occur when a statutory holiday falls on a Monday.  In this event, the meeting is moved to the Tuesday immediately following the statutory holiday. A second occurs during the months of July and August when there is only one meeting per month.  That meeting is likely to be re-scheduled to an appropriate Monday in each month while having regard to other municipal business taking place during that time.

The final exception is during the month of December when the final meeting of the month is cancelled due to the Christmas season and the first meeting of the month gets moved to the second Monday of the month. To view the schedule of council meetings, please click the link below.

** Please note that our regular Council Meetings are in person being streamed to the Township of Stone Mills YouTube page. To watch the live stream of the Council Meeting, please visit our YouTube page.

Civic Web Portal

The Civic Web Portal is a modern system of recording and publishing the business of Council and provides greater public accessibility and transparency.  The documents which Council are considering on the Agenda of any meeting open to the public are all available. The Minutes which is a record of the proceedings of meetings are also available once approved by Council. The Bylaws, which most often reflect the important decisions of the Council, can also be found on the Civic Web Portal. 

Public Delegations Process

The decision of September 17, 2018 to authorize a process that would allow individuals an opportunity to address council with reduced notice requirements has been indefinitely extended.  Interested individuals have until 12:00 noon on the date of Council meetings to register as a delegation.  This portion of the agenda will take place at the beginning of regular scheduled meetings for a maximum duration of 15 minutes.  To register, please send an email to or call 613-378-2475 with a request to be added to the agenda while providing information on the topic for inclusion on the agenda. To download a copy of the applicable form, please click the link.

*Please note that due to the current situation and restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 Pandemic, Council Delegations can be submitted in writing only until such further time as the State of Emergency and social distancing restrictions are in place.

2022 Statement of Treasurer

Election Results

View the certified election results from the 2022 Municipal Election held on October 24, 2022.

Meeting the Councillors