Tax Rates are developed for each level of government that obtains a share of the property taxes each property owner pays to the Township. 


Tax Rates

Tax Rates are developed for each level of government that obtains a share of the property taxes each property owner pays to the Township. The rates are calculated utilizing the amount of monies required by each level of government while taking into consideration the amount of property based assessment which contributes to that level of government. Please click on the following links to obtain tax rate information for each respective year.

Fees, Payments, & Due Dates


  • N.S.F. Cheque Administration Fee - $ 30.00
  • Statement of Tax Account - $ 10.00
  • Tax Account History (three years and over) - $ 30.00/hour
  • Tax Certificate - $ 100.00

Payment Options

Tax Payments can be made by cheque, cash or debit machine at the municipal office in Centreville or at any financial institution or online or telephone banking if your bank offers the service. We also have a drop box for after hour payments beside the door to the municipal office. Please note: failure to receive the tax bill does not exempt taxpayer from payment or any penalty/interest charges accumulated.  

Prior to being able to make a payment through online banking you will be required to set up Stone Mills as a payee. The recognized payee name varies depending on the financial institution. Please confirm with your institution prior to proceeding.

To complete the set up for The Township of Stone Mills as a payee in your online bank account, you will be required to provide your account number. This account number is your 19-digit roll number starting with 11 24...and ending with ..0000 found at the top of your property tax bill. If you wish to make payments on more then one property you need to set up separate accounts. 


The Tax Department offers a Pre-authorized payment plan for both Due Date or monthly installments. For further information or to submit a request to be placed on a payment plan, please click on the following links. A void cheque is also required to be placed on a PAP plan. 


Please Note:  Many property owners include their tax payment with their mortgage payment and let the bank worry about paying the taxes on time. Talk to your mortgage company advisor if you are interested in this method.


Interest is calculated on the first day of each month at a rate of 1.25% (or 15 % per annum.) on past due tax amounts. When a payment is made it is applied to interest in every outstanding year firstly and then is applied to taxes outstanding starting with the most past due. Failure to receive the tax bill does not exempt taxpayer from payment or penalty/interest accumulated. If your address has changed please complete a change of address form and send it to us to ensure we have the most up to date information. If you do not receive your tax bill, please give us a call at 613-378-2475 and we will happily resend it.   

Due Dates

Property Tax installments become due on:

  • February 25th,
  • April 25th,
  • July 25th, and
  • September 25th

of each year.  When the 25th falls on a weekend, the due date is the closest business day.


A change of address for the purposes of receiving a notice relating to property taxes requires that notice must be provided to the Township in writing.  For this reason a standardized form has been developed to ensure that all the necessary information is provided to ensure property owners receive future tax notices.  Please complete and sign the attached form and send this to the Township and your address will be amended accordingly. CHANGE OF ADDRESS FORM

The Council of the Township of Stone Mills finds it necessary at times to proceed with more stringent measures regarding the collection of tax arrears. The Township has the option to proceed with a Tax Sale as per provisions of the Municipal Act, 2001 Part XI and Municipal Tax Sales Rules (O. reg. 181/03).

A summary of this process is identified in the following. If you have tax arrears, please contact the office and someone will assist you with arranging a payment plan to avoid this procedure.


For more information pertaining to the Farm Property Class Rate Program, please click here.

For more information on the Farm Forestry Exemption updates, please visit the MPAC website .


The Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP) is designed to encourage landowner participation in natural resource stewardship on private forest land in Ontario. Landowners who apply and qualify for the program have the eligible portion of their property classified and assessed as Managed Forest. This rate is taxed at 25% of the residential rate.

For more information respecting this program, please refer to the following link .


For information regarding the Conservation Land Tax Incentive Program and eligibility, please visit the following link .



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