Stone Mills offers a variety of residential living environments in its many hamlets, rural and waterfront residential areas, and these are home to long-time residents, young families, professional couples, artisans, and seasonal dwellers.



A policy is defined as a Corporate direction that is formally adopted by Council resolution. Enacting policies provides a framework for decision making ensuring consistency throughout the municipality. The supporting legislation for such policy development is the Municipal Act. It specifically provides Council the authority to develop and evaluate the policies and programs of a municipality. 

Accessibility for Ontarians

The Accessibility for Ontarians With Disabilities Act came into effect in 2005 and introduced changes that affects how a municipality conducts it's day to day business.  The Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment is the Provincial Ministry responsible for the implementation of this Act.  To be in compliance with this Act, the Township adopted an Accessibility Plan in 2008 and this was subsequently updated with the Accessibility Plan of 2012.  To better understand the type of barriers that are addressed through this legislation and the impacts these barriers have on persons with disabilities, please refer to the Ministry website on Understanding Barriers to Accessibility.

In a continuing effort to provide for greater accessibility for all Ontarians, the Township has adopted a Standardized Font for the creation of documents across all departments. This standardization is applicable to all correspondence, minutes, bylaws, memos, reports, notices and any document which could be viewed by the public.  This standardization is also applicable to persons or companies wishing to conduct business with the municipality.  The standardized font is Size 12 "Tahoma" and is the font most generally used across this website as well . This font size is intended to be the minimum and should be used for general text with titles and headings of a size dependent upon use.

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