Municipal Office Closure Update

Dec 15th, 2021
By Cindy

Stone Mills Township Municipal Buildings/Offices to Close 

In response to the increased prevalence of the Omicron variant in the KFL&A region, the Township of Stone Mills is taking preventative measures to protect the health and safety of Township Residents and Staff.

Effective December 16, 2021, the Township of Stone Mills will close its Municipal offices to the public until at least January 3rd, 2022 in the interest of public safety.

For matters that are time-sensitive, zoom meetings or in-person meetings will be accommodated where possible. Residents who wish to access Municipal departments to make an inquiry, may do so by contacting them via phone or email at the following numbers:

Administration                                       613-378-2475     ext. 225
Finance/Treasurer                                 613-378-2475 ext.  222
Taxation                                                  613-378-2475 ext.  229
Planning                                                 613-378-2475 ext.  227
Accounts Payable/Receivable             613-378-2475   ext. 221
Public Works/Landfills                         613-378-1435    ext. 230
Fire Department                                    613-378-1435    ext. 230
Building Department                            613-378-1714               

All payments to the Municipality can be made through the payment portal on the Municipal website at All payments for taxes are not able to be processed through the portal and may continue to be submitted through online banking, through your financial institution of by using the payment drop-box located at the Centreville Municipal offices at 4504 County Rd. #4.  Payments for other municipal services (planning, building etc.) may also utilized the drop box for payment processing. Interest on outstanding taxes that would regularly be charged on January 3rd, 2022 will not be processed until January 13th, 2022. 

Essential Services
All other Municipal services will remain as scheduled and members of the community can obtain their garbage bags at retail outlets throughout the Community. 
Township staff remain available to assist via phone at 613-378-2475 and will continue to provide community correspondence through the Township’s website and social media platforms. 

For more information or inquiries please contact the following:

Bryan Brooks, C.A.O/Clerk
Township of Stone Mills
4504 County Rd 4
Centreville, ON
K0K 1N0
Phone: 613-378-2475 Ext 225