Community Improvement Plan

Aug 31st, 2020
By Cindy
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Notice to Residents

At the August 10th, 2020 Council Meeting, Council endorsed staff’s draft Community Improvement Plan (CIP) and their desire to circulate for public comment. A CIP is one of the sustainable community planning tools found in the Planning Act & Municipal Act. This tool provides a means of planning and financing development activities that effectively assist in the use, reuse and restoration of land, buildings and infrastructure.

The draft Township of Stone Mills CIP incorporates Financial Incentive Programs targeted at assisting developments located within all Hamlets throughout the Township. The five (5) financial assistance programs include:

1.       Built Heritage Improvement Program
2.       Commercial Façade Improvement Program
3.       Accessibility
4.       Planning & Development Fee Equalizing
5.       Municipal Loan Program

Please review the draft CIP for your consideration and input over the next 4-week period. We will be seeking public input with regards to this Plan. Please direct any questions and provide commentary directly to:

Jason Sands                                                               Cindy Huyck
Manager of Planning / Deputy Clerk                            Administrative Assistant                                       

Attachment: Township of Stone Mills Community Improvement Plan