Direction of School Support

Apr 12th, 2023
By Cindy
school support designation

The Municipal Assessment Corporation (MPAC) has a new online School Support Portal. The portal is accessible on the updated Changing Your School Support webpage on  

The portal enables residential property owners to add or update their school support designation information through AboutMyProperty. Tenants registered with MPAC will follow a different path in the portal, similar to, to add or update their school support designation information. A Guide is posted alongside the portal, which provides users with step-by-step instructions on how to change or update their school support designation. The Guide is available in both English and French.
By making the process electronic, MPAC has improved the process for obtaining and accurately recording school support direction. It will also help improve the quality of school support data on the assessment roll.
To support you in making the most of this new portal, you will find attached, the following resources in both English and French:
•    An informative one page summary that can be shared with your residents
•    A toolkit with suggested content for your website and social media platforms
•    An image that can be used on your website and/or social media platforms

MPAC encourages you to review any resources you may currently have available about School Support and update them accordingly.