Naturally L&A Tourism Digital Cheat Sheet

Jun 13th, 2022
By Cindy
Community Maps

If you own or operate a tourism-related business, we're sure you or your staff regularly get customer enquiries asking about what there is to see and do while visiting Lennox & Addington. 
We're quite proud of our website, and we encourage you to take a deep dive into our pages to learn about all the fun activities that are available here so you can recommend them to your customers (and experience for yourself, of course). 
We've also put together a 'cheat sheet' where you can easily access itinerary downloads, cycling, motorcycling and driving routes, links to restaurants, shopping, lodging, and much more that will help you answer your customer's questions. Pages are available to print off, or provide QR codes and links so they can upload the details to their smartphones. Find Out More.