Land Use Planning

The Township of Stone Mills through collaboration with internal and external stakeholders seek to achieve a healthy and sustainable environment for both existing and future residents. Township of Stone Mills staff is lead by a Registered Professional Planner (RPP) with a mandate to provide progressive, professional land use planning guidance in accordance with the Planning Act, Ontario Heritage Act, Provincial Policy Statement and good planning principles to enhance quality of life.


Additional Information

The following are the minimum requirements for a severance application deemed to be complete:

  • A completed severance application form
  • The required fees and refundable security deposit
  • A sketch prepared by an Ontario Land Surveyor
  • A signed Acknowledgement Of Costs form
  • A Prior Consents Report (not required for lot addition)
  • A Reserve Sewage Capacity Report 

Additional reports may be required dependent upon location and features that may be present on or nearby to the lands subject to the application.

An application may be submitted for a minor variance to:

  • Provide relief from a requirement of a municipal bylaw;
  • Extend or enlarge a non-conforming use;
  • Change the existing non-conforming use to a similar or more compatible use; and
  • To provide for a bylaw interpretation.

To ensure that all of the relief that may be required to allow for a development proposal, pre-consultation with the Township is mandatory.  The pre-consultation will include bringing the applicable staff and agencies together to consider the proposal and in most instances will include a site inspection.

Decisions respecting an application made pursuant to these applications are not precedent setting as each decision is made upon the  merits and the circumstances relating to each parcel of land and the development that is proposed thereon.

Site Plan Control is an extra layer of control that may be imposed by a municipality when a particular situation or feature requires additional control that is generally not available through zoning restrictions.  Site plan control typically is the result of the submission and approval of another Planning Act application for a specific development proposal. Download a copy of the form here.


Click here to view the Site Plan Control By-law 2001-100

Persons considering a plan of subdivision are encouraged to consult with the Township and the County of Lennox and Addington prior to the submission of a plan of subdivison application.  The County of Lennox and Addington is the approval authority for all plans of subdivisions in the Township of Stone Mills.  For general information relating to this type of development please refer to the following made available by the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Appeals formerly directed to the Ontario Municipal Board are now directed to Environment and Lands Tribunal Ontario (ELTO).  Decisions of a land use approval authority may be appealed to the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) being a division of the ELTO.  Such appeals are subject to the restrictions established by the Planning Act and the OLT.  Directions, appeal forms and the appeal fees are available on the OLT website.  Persons considering the submission of an appeal are encouraged to discuss this decision with legal counsel prior to the submission of the appeal, who is able to advise as to possible outcomes and costs associated with the appeal.

The MDS Guidelines were developed to help eliminate conflicts between agricultural and non-agricultural uses arising from the nuisance of odours.  A request for a MDS report may be submitted to the Township Development Services Department.  Only those MDS reports prepared by a Land Use Planning Consultant will be used in support of development proposals.


Whenever possible, the Township shall attempt to widen Township roads to a minimum of 20 meters on local roads and 26 meters on all major roads.  When the road which provides access to lands is not of sufficient width, any approval granted to a planning application, could be conditional upon the owner conveying lands to the Township to provide for this desired road width.

All requests for closing a municipal road allowance are administrated through the Development Services Department.  The application fee is $500.00 plus the cost of land.  A written request must be presented to Council explaining the reasons in support of the request. Notice of this request is circulated to abutting land owners and a Public Hearing is required.  

If you are either buying, selling or mortgaging a property, you may need a letter of zoning compliance. Or, your lawyer may need to obtain a letter on your behalf. No problem - we can assist you. To obtain a letter of zoning compliance, please complete a Zoning Compliance Request Letter, and submit with payment  of $100.00 to our Development Services department.

Frequently Asked Questions

For a full list of our frequently asked Land Planning questions, please click here.

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