Fire Prevention

Fire alarm

Fire Prevention Policy

In 2015, Stone Mills established a Fire Prevention Policy to identify procedures to assist in the prevention of fires through public education, programs and activities.  This policy meets the requirements of the Fire Protection and Prevention Acts and is anticipated to reduce the loss of lives and property damage resulting from fires.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

The Ontario Fire Code is a regulation passed pursuant to the Fire Protection and Prevention Act.  The Fire Code makes it mandatory in Ontario that all homes are equipped with working “Smoke Alarms” and Carbon Monoxide Alarms.  This requirement applies to single detached homes, garden suites, apartment units and generally in any location where persons might sleep.  These units must be in working condition, require testing on a regular basis and must be replaced as required.  The following identifies recommended locations for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms:

Carbon Monoxide Locations

For additional information respecting this Ontario Regulation, please contact James Richmond, Deputy Fire Chief for the Township of Stone Mills as 613 378 2475 or by email at:

Click here to view the Township of Stone Mills emergency services smoke/carbon monoxide alarm & home escape planning program


Heating Appliances

In accordance with Section of the Ontario Fire Code and in respect to home heating appliances:

Every chimney, flue and flue pipe shall be inspected to identify any dangerous condition

(a) at intervals not greater than 12 months,

(b) at the time of addition of any appliance, and

(c) after any chimney fire. 

Electrical Fires

Fires and other damage can arise from electrical malfunctions.  Such malfunctions can develop from improper installation of electrical conduits or equipment, damage arising from building or renovations, rodent infestations or damage arising from outside influences such as weather or impacts to the building.

For additional information respecting fire risks associated with electricity, please contact the Electrical Safety Authority.

Fire Prevention Publications

The following are publications that have been developed to serve as reminders and provide tips to help reduce the risk of fire.

Fire Prevention On The Farm

Fire Prevention At The Camp

Barn Fire Prevention

Indoor Fire Safety

Outdoor Fire Safety

Preparing For Winter

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