Waste Site Requirements & Locations

Garbageman putting on gloves

Waste Management & Recycling

Camden Landfill Site   3087 County Rd 4
Moscow Landfill Site   4965 County Rd 6
Tamworth Landfill Site    1661 County Rd 15

Wednesday 12PM – 4PM             Saturday 8AM – 4PM

All Household waste MUST BE IN MANDITORY CLEAR TOWNSHIP BAGS which are available for purchase at many retail outlets in the Township and at the Main Office. 

All resident vehicles must stop at the landfill receiving area and attendants will inspect all waste entering the landfill sites.  If recyclables are found in the Township Identified waste bags, attendants will refuse the waste until the recyclables are removed.

All residents MUST RECYCLEBY-LAW 2007-413

All recyclable materials MUST BE kept CLEAN and deposited by residents into the proper recycle bins.